The other day I was hanging out with some family discussing the news, weather, sports . . . you know, all the exciting things going on in our lives. Ultimately the conversation lead to a very commonplace phrase that I spout off quite regularly in response to something that my uncle had said.

“Ya, everything in moderation.” I can’t remember what sparked this oh-so-familiar reply, but my uncle swiftly responded with something that truly made me think, and more importantly, perfectly personified the core essence of human existence.

“That’s true,” he said, “But I say, even moderation needs to be in moderation.”

I was taken aback . . . stunned . . . amazed at the simplicity of the repetitive sentence. “Even moderation in moderation.”

‘Huh,’ I thought. It’s perfectly succinct, elegant, and eloquently captures what we as people, are. It’s true that, of course, in order for us as humans to survive, we must practice moderation. Moderation of consumption, moderation of practice, moderation of people, enjoyment and celebration. But, as people, we must practice moderation of moderation. We need to let loose and enjoy life sometimes. Every now and then we should eat too much fast food, drink too much beer, and take over-extended vacations. That’s how we survive as people.

Moderation is key in living a long, full life. But you need to make sure to practice moderation in moderation, or that long life may not have been worth living.