Moving? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely not.

The advertisement created by DDB Brazil is moving. No question about it. It compares the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 to the tsunami of 2005, stating that the tsunami as 100 times more destructive than the terrorist attacks on America. It shows the awesome power of that our planet has and that the destruction that humans can do, pales in comparison. The ad ends with the tie-in of the organization it is pushing, the World Wildlife Fund. It tells us to conserve, seemingly to appease our “Mother Earth” so that she doesn’t rain that kind of destruction on us again.

It’s wretched. It’s disgusting. It is unnecessary.

First and foremost, depicting the day that America was attacked as anything less than tragic and horrifying is simply thoughtless. Secondly, conservation and saving endangered wildlife will not protect anyone from tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, or any other act of our aging earth. The ad was simply not thought out in that regard. When you see the payoff at the very end of the ad and you find out who is running the ad, it almost makes the entire concept seem forced, like jamming a puzzle piece in a spot that it doesn’t quite fit in.

The message of saving our earth and its endangered species is a wonderful idea and I believe everyone should do their part to go green and save polar bears and the like, but that idealism does not apply to the tsunami of 2005. And it certainly doesn’t apply to the terrorist attack of 2001.

I am still somewhat unclear as to how this whole process went down. As reports float around that WWF never gave permission to DDB Brazil to run the video, but did give permission to the print ad, I am left feeling like it may have been approved, but upon seeing public reaction, WWF immediately tried to pull their name from it.

When the print ad had been turned in to an advertising award show, it won a Merit Award, which is essentially 4th place in its division.  Several judges were in shock however, at the atrocity that had actually been entered into the competition.  It has since been pulled.