One thing that I’ve always heard through my years in the advertising world is that, unlike most fields, individuals who switch jobs and jump from company to company will not only be respected, but will make greater impact on the industry, along with making higher salaries.

This outlook is particularly relevant since we are in an industry that constantly has to reinvent and revolutionize itself in order to stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of possibly being noticed among the billions of other messages consumers are introduced to every day.  Agencies that maintain the exact same staff for over a year will be strong internally but will have brought in no new or outside ideas that are at their very fingertips by opening up the portfolio sitting on the Creative Director’s desk.  Switching agencies in advertising is like sharing ideas . . . In a way, it keeps everyone on a level playing field and allows the advertising industry in general to continue growing and moving forward towards new and amazing ideas.

In an interesting article on, the author examines the technology industry as a whole (which includes advertisers).  He attributes transition for the growth of Apple starting in 1984 and why Facebook has exploded over the last few years . . . The constant movement of personnel.

I’m not advocating that employees at agencies should land one job and immediately open up in search of greener pastures the next day. Nor should agencies begin red-flagging individuals who have been there for 18 months.  But neither employees nor employers in this industry should be afraid of transition and change, for that is our bread and butter. It’s the way advertising has been able to grow and develop some of its most important and creative new ideas since its beginnings.