The inspirational speech has gone by the wayside through our sarcastic attitudes and our generally unoptimistic outlooks.  But why?  Because they’re not snarky, they don’t have a skeptical outlook, and generally uplift our spirits rather than spewing forth venomous negativity.

We as a society have grown into a culture where it is easy to see the glass half-empty.  Hell, it’s the cool thing to do.  If you’re a positive or happy-go-lucky individual you’ll probably be seen as a dimwit, ignoramus, or worse … a simpleton.

Those negatives in our society have retreated to their coffee houses and swept their long, black-dyed hair across their hopeless faces in an effort to live out the remainder of our pointless lives . . . or so they would have you believe.

But there is hope.  This is the point in humanity where the world needs to be given an inspirational speech.  We need to be told “carpe diem”.  We need to be asked not what society can do for us, but what we can do for society.  We need to fight for our right to party! (Yes, the Beastie Boys can be inspirational)

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to become entrenched in a culture that shuns unwavering positivity and a seemingly idiotic hope . . . we’re better than that.  Let’s be positive for a change.  We need to be.  Our economy is in an endless downward spiral, the globe is warming, the ozone is depleting, and polar bears are dying in Greenland, but you know what?  We get to witness this amazing and wondrous world for a fleeting and meaningless moment on the universe’s unyielding time-line that we call our lives, so let’s take full advantage of it.

And where my words fail to persuade you, just refer to Braveheart . . . WWWWD . . . What Would William Wallace Do?