(248): I let some guy put hot sauce in my asshole for his birthday

Ya . . . You want another shot of it?

(503): I feel like if your cat could talk she would call me a cunt.

Nope, we can’t end with that one . . .

(215): omg i can’t drink anymore.. i just pulled up my dress and started playing with my vagina

There it is!

You’ve just seen a very, very brief summary of the many exciting and wonderfully intelligent comments you’ll find at the website

Seriously, one visit to this website and everything horrible that you’ve done recently . . . those few hours of being blacked out on the 4th of July . . . that half-eaten burger you ate out of the trash . . . they’ll all seem like nice moments out of a Disney movie when compared to the stuff you’ll see there.

Is this what our youthful society has come to? A large, social network competition of who can be more disgusting? Simply put . . . it’s nasty.


Now, don’t get me wrong . . . I’m all about being progressive, moving with the trends and going forward as a society . . . as long as we’re not moving ourselves towards a metaphorical “gutter”. But with the growth of social networks and the fact that those platforms are largely dominated by today’s more technologically savvy youth, everyone has a voice . . . and not only is this voice uncensored, it’s downright promoted.

You could argue that sites like aren’t hurting anyone in the long run and will run the course of human tolerance until it becomes completely unacceptable . . . and with that point I absolutely agree. It’s just a painful thing to see these future leaders of the business world, tomorrow’s politicians, and even eventual mothers talking about adding a particularly spicy food supplement to their . . . ahem . . . allow me to censor myself.

I’m all for our 1st Amendment rights, in fact I’m one of the biggest advocates. However at some point, these people will have stand face-to-face with themselves and wonder just why in the hell they told their peers and the rest of the world about the time they . . . *censored*