Don't Just Take My Word For It ... 

NBC Executive

“Stu is a great young talent that lives to learn and is passionate about the work he does. He worked as a copywriter for several accounts that I managed and I have had few people who I enjoyed collaborating with as much as I did with Stu. He has a creative writing style and unique look at situations that I believe will take him far in his career. He is well-liked by his colleagues and is someone that is an asset to any team that is lucky enough to have him. I would highly recommend Stu and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.” 

Steve Solberg, Digital Account Executive, NBC Universal


Bailey Gardiner Supervisor

“Stu has raw talent. He can make something from nothing. I am amazed at his ability to pick up on so many different types of business quickly and transform the way they communicate to their audiences. He is efficient, always well educated on his clients, and eager to work hard. His ability to collaborate and add value the business he works on is refreshing. Stu will go far as he wants to in this industry. Any client or agency would be lucky to have him on their team.” 

Ryan Thompson, Account Supervisor, Bailey Gardiner


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