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NBC Executive

“Stu is a great young talent that lives to learn and is passionate about the work he does. He worked as a copywriter for several accounts that I managed and I have had few people who I enjoyed collaborating with as much as I did with Stu. He has a creative writing style and unique look at situations that I believe will take him far in his career.

He is well-liked by his colleagues and is someone that is an asset to any team that is lucky enough to have him. I would highly recommend Stu and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.” 

Steve Solberg, Digital Account Executive, NBC Universal

Bailey Gardiner Account Supervisor 

“Stu has raw talent. He can make something from nothing. I am amazed at his ability to pick up on so many different types of business quickly and transform the way they communicate to their audiences.

He is efficient, always well educated on his clients, and eager to work hard. His ability to collaborate and add value to the business he works on is refreshing. Stu will go as far as he wants to in this industry. Any client or agency would be lucky to have him on their team.” 

Ryan Thompson, Account Supervisor, Bailey Gardiner

Marketing Consultant & Sole Proprietor at Jaffy Designs  

I first worked with Stu to help me complete a website project that had been languishing in content-drought for a number of months (i.e. the client just didn't have time to create it).

Within a couple of days, he had turned around content for the entire site, and it sang. Not only did he nail the tone we were looking for on the first take, he had also strategically worked in excellent keyword choices that are helping with their SEO. My client was thrilled, and we had the site up within a week.

Stu is a rare copywriter that doesn't just pump out blah content - he's truly dedicated to the art & craft of advertising, and super-focused on getting results for his clients. I'm pulling him in on other projects as I write this, and you should too.

Jason Amunwa, Marketing Consultant & Sole Proprietor, Jaffy Designs

 Marcom Manager at I Drive Safely

"Here's the skinny on Stu. If you have a chance to hire him, do so. I supervised Stuart for over a year and was amazed at his growth. New to web marketing (retail online), he quickly grasped the concepts of user expectation and experience, how to lead a consumer through the sales process and ultimately convert him into a paying customer.

He's clever, great with headlines, writes compelling copy and is an all-around good guy.

Hire Stu. You won't regret it."

Richard Beaty, Marcom Manager, I Drive Safely

Professor at Northern Arizona University

"When I taught Stu, it became clear that he is one of the rare members of Gen Y who is completely self-motivated, able to lead by example and with his winning personality, and glad to go above and beyond without complaint when the job requires him to do so.

His demeanor and infectious personality make him an asset to any group. His thirst for knowledge about advertising and media in general made him a pleasure to teach and be around. He also has a great sense of humor and knows how to have the appropriate amount of fun when the job is done! Hire him at all costs!"

Tom Vitron, Media Communications Manager, Lowell Observatory

Learning & Development Specialist at Family Health Centers of San Diego

"I worked with Stuart at I Drive Safely (IDS) for nearly a year. Although we worked together on only a few projects at IDS, we did do some contract work together. I found his approach very creative and strategic in the projects he managed.

The copy that he crafted for his websites and marketing campaigns was always compelling and inspired action from the customer because he was always seeking to understand the latest best practices, marketing and advertising trends, and communication styles. He was never happy to simply continue using what had worked in the past, but rather would find creative new ways to speak to audiences and create action and excitement. I recommend Stuart because he was a great coworker, a smart writer, and clearly someone who understands strategic marketing and communications at a very high level."

Shirley Day, Learning & Developmental Specialist, Family Health Centers of San Diego

Senior Instructional Designer at CareFusion

"I would highly recommend Stu to any organization looking for an incredibly bright, energetic, creative, and diligent copywriter and marketer. During the time I worked with Stu, he was able to take very dry content and make it come to life across every one of our marketing channels. He wrote great copy, scripts, and had great packaging and bundling concepts.

Stu gets along with everyone and is also a gifted brainstormer. I would work with Stu again in a heartbeat - any employer would be lucky to have him."

Liddy Loree, Senior Instructional Designer, CareFusion

Copywriter at SK+G

"If I have one regret in leaving Caesars Entertainment Corp., it's not working side-by-side with Stu anymore.

He brings such enthusiasm - and not to mention, humor - to each project, and has two qualities that are rare finds in this industry: he's an attentive listener who ensures his clients' visions are achieved, and, he hasn't allowed the challenges of working in an in-house environment damper his creative energy or positive attitude. Stu has a very promising career ahead of him, and if given the chance, I would jump at an opportunity to work with him again."

April Gelbart, Copywriter, SK+G

Senior Designer at Caesars Entertainment Corp.

"If anyone lives up to George Lois' mantra, "A big idea can change world culture," it's Stu. Filled with brilliant ideas and an uncanny ability to draw others into his vision, he is the ideal creative partner for any project. Whether it was the launch of a national campaign or evolving the brand platform for new ventures across the country, I've been a witness to Stu's gifts as an original thinker. With an eye on the bigger picture, he engages teams with an easy-going demeanor while maintaining high expectations from his colleagues. This balanced approach to leadership helps Stu deliver on client objectives while cultivating a productive and inspiring work environment. For his creative insight and proactive involvement with coworkers, I would highly recommend Stu to lead any group towards their creative and strategic goals."

Maurice Kenji Clarke, UX Designer, Google

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