Spec Work

Love it. Hate it. It brings back memories of  campaigns I worked on before the days of getting input from a client, account person or countless marketing folks who have suddenly become copywriters. Some of these campaigns are from college. Others, after graduation. Enjoy.

Honda Fit

At the time (2008), the subcompact market was still quite new and developing a voice. As it happens, that voice is still quite fun and edgy. I was going for something epic with this campaign. As if the Honda Fit was a part of these many legendary events. Had this campaign actually run, the "Most Interesting Man Alive" would have some explaining to do.


Rolling Rock

I want readers to hear this campaign on paper. And when they're out at a bar, I want them to hear a song. And then order a Rolling Rock.


Chieftain's Scotch

Drinking scotch is a privilege, not a right. Young "men" who drive Miata's don't (read: shouldn't)  drink scotch. Men in suits drink scotch. Men who know what it feels like to work a 16 hour day drink scotch. And this is a lesson in it.


MGD 64 

When I came up with the idea for "Beer Gut," the classic VW ad "Lemon" passed through my mind. I loved the irony and wordplay. So, I did it. And then made another one.


Robbins Brothers

My idea was for this ad to be vertical in a magazine so the woman would actually hold her finger up to actual sizes in against the print ad, literally touching and interacting with our message.


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