See that guy?  That's Stu Haack . . . and he means business.  You can tell by the attire and the use of sunglasses in the elevator . . . but mainly you can tell because of the look on his face.

That's right . . . that face says "It's Go Time."

. . . Go Time.

My name is Stu Haack and when I grow up, I want to be an advertising copywriter.  Wait, I'm already grown up and I am a copywriter . . . so what now?  I guess that part is up to you . . .

I'm from San Diego, CA originally.  Spent 18 years here, then I went to school in Flagstaff, AZ (Northern Arizona University) with a few friends.  Became Sports Anchor/Sports Director of the campus news program NAU Live as a Sophomore.  Then became President of my fraternity as a Junior. 

Four years later, Flagstaff had just about enough of me, as I know that I had enough of it, so I graduated and came back home to San Diego, the most beautiful city in the world.  I took two internships that summer (2008) and signed on with the first one that wanted to pay me money.

Since then I've been refining my writing skills and joined the San Diego Ad Club's younger professional group, AD2SD (32 years old and under).  I have a few years of agency experience, between jobs and internships, as well as freelance experience.

My passion is writing.  I can't imagine a more powerful art form than the written word.  Don't get me wrong, I love pictures . . . they save boring books.  But, words can be so powerful when used the right way.

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but you could easily turn that around . . . a word is worth a thousand pictures--

WAR . . . see, I bet you had a bunch of images in your head when you thought about the word 'war'.

LOVE . . . Cupid, hearts, a significant other, your mom . . . thousands of pictures race past with one word.

I could never imagine doing anything that I loved more than writing, because it is that powerful . . . and advertising writing is the perfected form of it.  Anyone could write a creative story that they have free range to say whatever they want.  But when you have that Creative Strategy sittin' right there in front of you, with demographics and psychographics and key content points, you really have to be a master of words to filter through that whole mess and still have something on-strategy AND interesting.

I am Stu Haack, Freelance Copywriter, and that's me in a nutshell.


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