Video Work

I've written a few television commercials that make me giggle. I hope they do the same for you.

"Camping Trip" - Harrah's Casino Cherokee


"A Little Bit Off" - San Diego Big Brothers Big Sisters


This was a project I worked on with the Public Service committee for the San Diego Ad Club. I came up with the concept. The script development was collaboration between myself and a few other writers on the committee.

"Extreme Website Makeover" - Ad2SD


Fun times with the San Diego Ad Club's younger branch, Ad2SD. A few of the members got together on a Saturday and blew a brand new website out of the water.  We had everyone there, from graphic designers, to SEO specialists, project managers, and me, the writer.

The website turned out great and we got free pizza (better than cash). This video is courtesy of AliVega Productions.  You can visit her website at


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